Your 'intelligent' online and batch processing credit card machine on the Internet. PaySubs allows you to set up a recurring subscription manually yourself via the PayGate back office or have your clients do it themselves via your web site.

A 'process now' facility enables the first transaction to be processed immediately (when captured via a web site), and the balance to be processed at future dates. All transactions are settled to your bank account overnight on the date they are processed.

Benefits of PaySubs

  • Simple and Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Low transaction charges
  • Capture new subscriptions directly via your web site
  • Process the first transaction immediately and queue up the balance for automatic processing in the future
  • Uncomplicated management of existing subscriptions via the back office
  • Comprehensive documentation available for download from our web site

How PaySubs works:

To process recurring payments on a credit card a PaySubs 'subscription' can be set up either via a website integration or manually via the PayGate Back Office. Once this subscription has been created the relevant card will be billed the specified amount at the specified frequency (e.g. every month on the 27th day) until the subscription ends. Subscriptions can be edited and deleted via a page in the PayGate Back Office.

PaySubs is compatible with the following available payment methods

The following banks are able to process PaySubs credit card payments

Standard Bank