Credit Card Processing by PayGate - Accept Credit Cards Online

Your secure online credit card machine(s) on the Internet. Enjoy the benefits of your own user-specifiable password where transactions are authorised immediately and settled to your bank account overnight.

Benefits of PayPoint

  • Easy to use, Fast - save the time wasted waiting for dialup
  • Accessible from anywhere in the office, anywhere in the world
  • Low transaction charges
  • Process a refund
  • Use multiple terminals simultaneously, save the rental costs on card swipe machines
  • Allow your staff access to use the system but limit their functionality if necessary
  • Reconcile your transactions to your bank statement

How PayPoint works:

PayPoint is a virtual terminal payment service offering the ability to manually process credit card payments without having to use a point-of-sale 'swipe' machine. To process a payment using PayPoint the merchant would log in to the secure PayGate Back Office admin website and enter the credit card details on a secure payments page. The payment is processed in real time to the merchant's MOTO merchant account and the transaction status is shown to the merchant, who can print it out if required.

PayPoint is compatible with the following available payment methods

The following banks are able to process PayPoint credit card payments